About the Artist

Shirley Gipson is a professional international award-winning artist for her paintings in the traditional, classical style of the Dutch Masters (gipson-artist.com). Her attention to detail is evident in her still life and portrait paintings. She has exhibited her paintings throughout the United States and has won numerous awards including the prestigious Salon International Award of Excellence. The Southwest Art Magazine has featured Shirley as an Artist to Watch and the Artists Magazine has named Shirley a Top Winning Artist.

Animals have always been a part of Shirley's daily life. "Peeps", a pet chicken; "Thumper", a pet rabbit; and "Waddles" a pet duck; as well as many canines including, a rescue "Snoopy", a Collie "Shadow", two Shetland Sheepdogs "Rusty" and "Ginny", and currently - two beautiful Tibetan Terriers, "Maggie" and "Gracie". Because of her love of animals, she painted "Maggie", posted it on Facebook and immediately started receiving inquires.

Pet portraitures have great meaning to Shirley because of her personal bond with her own fur family members and knowledge of what a meaningful part of the family unit they are. Her portraits represent both her subjects' spirit and appearance in accurate detail.

By using time-tested techniques of painting oil on linen; and the finest professional-grade artist materials, Shirley’s paintings are treasured heirlooms that will last for many generations.