What do I need to get started?

When discussing a commission, I'll ask about your treasured pet, their personality, their mannerisms and anything that might set them part. This information will be extremely useful in capturing the mood of your pet for your commissioned oil painting.

Photos will be critical as a visual reference in painting your commission. Providing a few of your favorite shots of your pet will be the first step in the commission process. The type camera, the angle you are shooting from, the lighting, or whether you are capturing a shot looking down at your pet or at eye level will all be important in the perfect reference photo. These elements are needed to capture the detail of your pet and in turn allow them to be captured on the portrait, so it is critical that the photo(s) you provide resemble what you expect in the finished piece of art. If you don't already have a photo in mind, please review the following tips when photographing your pet.

Once I receive your photo downloads, I will determine which one might work best for a portrait and offer you options and discuss the best size for your commissioned painting.