Photographing Your Pet (for a Portrait Painting)

(Allow plenty of time for your photo sessions.)

Tips on taking photographs of your pet

First, decide what type of commission your wanting... If you would like to commission a full-body painting, stand near your pet. Fill the frame, but allow a little background with your pet centered as the most important part of the photo.

Take your photos close up and on their level. A head and chest portrait requires a photo with your pet filling the entire frame at eye level (on a table or chair) including all parts of your pet that you would like in the portrait.

A good photo with good resolution allows me to zoom-in and capture your pet's detail.

  • Allow plenty of time for your photo sessions.
  • Photograph a groomed pet. Remove hair mats with a comb.
  • A digital camera takes the best photos. Smartphone and tablets are okay for capturing a pose, but lack the required detail for a close-up portrait. If you have access to a digital camera, it will provide the best clarity and detail. However, if you have good photos taken using a mobile device you may send them to me and I'll work with them to achieve the results you're hoping for, if possible.
  • For best results, take photos outside in natural daylight, on a bright overcast day. If on a sunny day, take them early in the morning or late afternoon. You can shoot at any time during a cloudy day and the glare and hard shadows won't become an issue.
  • Remember, if a photo is taken too far away, important details are lost.

The picture below is an example of how a good reference photo can result in a great commissioned piece.

The Graduate - Gracie